The research program utilizes cutting-edge methodologies and insights from behavioral and social sciences to understand populations' beliefs, preferences, and socio-cultural context for effective public policymaking, focusing on pressing questions in Morocco and Africa.

Understanding populations, their convictions, their preferences, their expectations, their reasoning, the context in which they live, as well as the analysis of the collective dynamics that drive them, constitute essential elements of knowledge for conducting efficient public policies. The "Mind, Society and Public Policy" program proposes to harness the most recent methodological and theoretical contributions from the behavioural and social sciences to contribute to this field of research and, through it, to the questions that arise today with acuity to public policies in Morocco and, more broadly, in the African continent.

Focusing primarily on questions and the use of appropriate methods to answer them, this program is inherently interdisciplinary. To date, it brings together experimental psychologists, sociologists, philosophers and economists.

Within these orientations, the research conducted in the Mind, Society and Public Policy program has a dual purpose:

  • The publication of results in top-ranking academic media, both in basic and applied research
  • The collection and analysis of important data for public decision making in the various fields covered by the program.

This program is divided into 6 research topics.

Research Topics :