Research Overview

The ambition of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in the area of research is to propose renewed and efficient responses to public policy issues, as they arise today in the African continent, by mobilizing all the resources offered by the human and social sciences. 

The Africa Institute for Research in Economics and Social Sciences - AIRESS - represents a single entity, embracing all research programs in economics and social sciences. This entity constitutes a common space, an ecosystem shared by researchers, intended to create the conditions for the emergence of research programs focused on specific issues. The Institute represents the scientific environment in which Ph.D. students in various disciplines pursue their research trajectories.

This entity equally paves the way for an effective interdisciplinary dynamic in so far as the issues relating to public policies in their initial articulation tend to carry economic, political, social as well as behavioral and historical dimensions. The AIRESS offers a range of innovative research programs aimed at exploring the complexities of social sciences and addressing the contemporary challenges that shape our world. There are the five research programs offered by AIRESS.