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Rethinking Global Politics from Africa

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The program «Rethinking Global Politics from Africa» is questioning how the continent is addressing its internal challenges, playing its full role in African and international affairs, and contributing to contemporary thinking.

Since the beginning of the third millennium, Africa has embarked on the process of ownership of the continent’s challenges through four different dynamics:

  1. The pooling of efforts, through Agenda 2063 to promote democratic values, the rule of law and respect for human rights, and to increase human security in Africa.
  2. The Fine-tuning of the African space (African Union, Regional Economic Communities and Continental Free Trade Area).
  3. The promotion of South-South relations, South-South cooperation and triangular cooperation.
  4. he institutionalization of partnerships with international powers within the framework of the diplomatic agenda of the African Union.

However, this process remains fraught with uncertainties and difficulties that have become even more apparent in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. On the first hand, if the modernization of African societies is remarkable on many levels, the economics and political domains remain weak. On the other hand, continental and regional integration would be more effective if Africans consolidate geopolitical situations. Moreover, the hybrid nature of threats and the non-state actors raise questions about the capacity of security services to face a polymorphic instability. From on other angle, regional or ethnic identity claims remains to challenge nation-state construction. Finally, Africa still strongly affected by the global geostrategic situation.

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