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The Research area “Behavioral Sociology and Cognitive Science for public policy” aims to address issues of social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental importance for public policy in Morocco and in Africa more broadly. This ambition is grounded in the use of recent developments in behavioral science, with perspectives and methods from the social sciences. Using both behavioral and social science allows to deploy a rich and varied range of original investigation techniques to determine relevant parties’ opinions, convictions, preferences, and reasoning. Further, the aim is to anticipate these parties’ reactions to political measure and determine the consequences of these reactions at the collective level.

This research area thus provides renewed resources for rigorously determining measures that are capable of effectively meeting the objectives of public policy. This research makes it possible to understand the nuances of the local environments, and thus avoids importing reasoning or solutions that were designed for contexts outside of Africa.

The research carried out in this area is structured in Labs: teams working on a specific question, in a well-defined field, which proceed by experimenting in vivo possible solutions to the problems raised. This research is carried out with a concern for methodological rigor and intellectual openness, beyond disciplinary divisions or schools of thought. Through this structuring of research, the aim is on the one hand to collect data for publications in journal meeting international academic standards, and on the other to offer direct response to the current challenges of public policies in Africa.

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