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Development and Environmental Economics

Research in development and environmental economics brings together scholars to research and devise solutions for the sustainable development of African economies. Researchers produce and suggest suitable economic approaches and instruments for the design, analysis and assessment of public policy to support economic decision-making in development and environmental...

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Behavioral Sociology and Cognitive Science

The Research area “Behavioral Sociology and Cognitive Science for public policy” aims to address issues of social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental importance for public policy in Morocco and in Africa more broadly. This ambition is grounded in the use of recent developments in behavioral science, with perspectives and methods from...

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Behavioral Economics and Risk Analysis

Research in Behavioral Economics and Risk Analysis (BERA) unites local and international researchers who aim at empirically investigating economic behavior, be it at the individual or at the aggregate level, with an eye to the modern theoretical literature in Economics and Decision Theory. The research area BERA aspires at publishing empirical and theoretical...

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Political Science and Global Studies

Research in Political Science and Global Studies draws on the scholarship and expertise of the political science and global affairs study programs faculty. This multidisciplinary research program in Political Sciences and Global Studies aims to explore and research politics, economy, law, sociology, history, and philosophy in Africa through the development...

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Experimental Lab

This lab investigates the mechanisms of the human mind and behavior using experimental techniques. Measuring and comparing people's behavior in different situations enables researchers to inform decision-makers about how to design efficient public policies and about how to better anticipate citizens' behavior in different environments.

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Field data collection unit

The field data collection unit collects in very close relationship with researcher original data on major social issues of potential interest to public policies. It also participates in the design and analysis of the surveys. The unit deals with quantitative as well as qualitative data with a very close attention to details. It implements a large range of techniques,...

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