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4 years  

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The Faculty of Governance, Economics and Social Sciences of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University offers a program that aims at producing high qualified professionals in social sciences (sociology, political science or anthropology) or in behavioral sciences (psychology) to reflect on issues related to public policies in Morocco and Africa. This program is designed to equip students with strong interdisciplinary skills for developing innovative and effective research. After a pre-doctoral year intended to strengthen methodological capacities in the various behavioral and social sciences areas, the students selected have three years to prepare their thesis. The program aims to train very high-level researchers and decision-makers, capable of responding to the challenges of development on the scale of the African continent.

Areas of specialization

Application process Candidates are invited to submit an application package including 5 documents:

Certificate(s) of current diplomas or proof of current registration in an M.S. program
Official transcripts (license/bachelor and M.A./M.S.)
Cover letter explaining your academic background, your research interests, and your interest in the FGSES Ph.D. program in economics (12 point font, two page maximum)
Research documents (article briefs, research reports, journal articles)
Names and contact information of two references familiar with your academic and research potential

Training manager

Research leads


PhD Coordinator - Behavioral and Social Sciences